Taxes, Buildings, Citizens and More

L. W. Leighton moved to Globe, Arizona in 1899 and in 1903 to Los Angeles, California where he lived for a number of years. At the time of his death, June 11, 1919, at the age of 69, his home was in Altadena. California. He was one of Dassel’s most outstanding men in business; in …read more

St. Paul & Pacific Railroad

The railroad was first called the Saint Paul & Pacific Railroad but in 1879 it was changed to the Saint Paul, Minneapolis & Manitoba and then in 1390 to the Great Northern. Our first station agent was Charles J. Atwater, who was also postmaster with the post office in the depot, 1869; then George D. …read more

Parks, Churches and Newspapers

In the year 1890, Horace P. Breed, a former President of the Council and pioneer business man of Dassel donated Block Seven of Breed’s Addition for a park, to be known as Breed’s Park. It has been improved and is now a popular place for our citizens and visiting strangers. Horace P. Breed was the …read more

1891 Popularity Contest

On July 4, 1891, C. L. Phifer held a popularity contest to select the four best liked citizens of the village. The Meeker Co. Cigar Factory then placed a new cigar on the market with the picture of B. A. Records, L. M. Norgren, J. H. Kauffman and John Riordan on the box lid which …read more

Dassel, Minnesota Those were the days

We are presenting this book as written, the author just tells about people and items of interest.  Scattered through out the pages are listings for deaths and births.  Use the search on the right to search the Minnesota pages. About the Author Death Notices Outstanding Citizens Village Council 1880-1900 Most of the early settlers of …read more

Lodges, Dogs, Business Establishments

Griswold Lodge No. 218. A. F. & A. M. of Dassel was granted a charter by the Grand Lodge. January 16, 1896, which was adopted by a vote of the lodge on May 4, 1896. The charter members consisted of Linzay Pankake, B. A. Records, J. H. Kauffman. L. G. Adkins, E. E. McGrew. Fred …read more

Dassel Death Notices

J. Norgren died January 15, 1907, age 78 years. John O. Belin died June 2, 1926, at the age of 79. L. M. Norgren died here July 12, 1923, age 59 years: J. W. Norgren died November 3, 1926, his age was 77. Joseph Olson died September 14. 1933, age 56. Louis Palmersten died February …read more

Gopher Tales of Minnesota

A few years ago, Blake Haddon of The Minneapolis Tribune, gave its readers ‘”Gopher Tales of Minnesota”, with suitable illustrations. Dassel was given a few of these interesting old historical events and here they are: When the Dassel-Hutchinson mail carrier became lost in the blinding blizzard of 1873 and wound up in Litchfield instead of …read more

Those Were the Days

Louis Osterlund, coming from Sweden in 1881, became the assistant postmaster in 1882 and a clerk in the store. Peter Wicklund bought an interest in the company and became a member of the firm December 1, 1882. The store was operated for three years and with a big closing out sale, it went out of …read more

Drug, Harness, Blacksmith Shops and Fire Department

M. A. Scheldrup opened the Lion Drug Store in 1887, selling out to Anton Heedles in 1889 who operated the store until 1891, then moving it to Minneapolis. R. C. Trudgen started a drug store here in 1900 which he kept going for two years when he moved the stock to Shell Lake, Wisconsin. Peterson …read more