Elected Military Officers, Meeker County, Minnesota

J. B. Atkinson 1st Lieutenant H.. Stevens 2nd Lieutenant Wm. Branham 1st. Sergeant H. S. Howe 2nd Sergeant Dan. McGraw 3d Sergeant F. G. Gould 4th Sergeant A. F. Heath 1st Corporal H. J. Hill 2nd Corporal T. C. Jewett 3rd Corporal Sam Hutchins 4th Corporal J. M. Harvey 5th Corporal R. B. Ralston 6th …read more

Mustered in August 24th 1862, Meeker County, Minnesota

J. B. Atkinson M. Gorton Jas. M Harvey O. B. Todd A. F. Heath G. W. Waggoner J. Heath Wm.. Caswell H. J. Hill J. V.. Branham jr. G. S. Sholes sen. Jerome Rogers S.W. White Chas. D. Maybee Herman Kruger Jas. Lang Sylvester Stevens Oliver Gibbins Samuel Hutchins Patrick Condon T C. Jewett Albert …read more

G. C. Whitcomb Clamed to be Captain

G. C. Whitcomb clamed to be Captain by virtue of Col. Sibley’s commission and his receipt for the guns and refused to give them up under any other circumstance. The following were thereupon elected officers, The 44 Springfield Muskets were distributed to the men as far as they went remainder unarmed, except with a few …read more

Meeker County Immigration-Norwegians-Trondheim Port

Meeker County Immigration-Norwegians-Trondheim Port Thanks to Sheryl, Minnesota State Coordinator for providing this information Meeker County

Volunteers from Meeker County

Volunteers from Meeker County   Names Regiment &c. Angier, Albert Third Allen, L. D Fourth Atkinson, J. B. Capt. Artil Bradshaw, J. H . Third Butler, Daniel Fourth Brink, J. A. Scout Baldwin, S D L Fourth Borgusrode, R Fifth Bennett, Wm P Hatch Bat. Branham, E. F. Second Branham, Wm 2d Cavalry Campbell. Dan …read more

Towns of Meeker County

Greenleaf; named after Hon. Wm. H Greenleaf, who first commenced improvements by the erection of a mill dam on the site of the village of that name, and the subsequent erection of a flour and saw mill. The first settlers of this Congressional Township were three brothers Wm., Herman and Charles Kruger, in the spring …read more

Supreme Court

Something is due to our “Supreme Court,” presided over at times by Judges Butler, Ritchie, Geo. Frid, Robson, Griswold, Atkinson, Stevens, Walker, Campbell, Hutchins and a host of others. Jurisdiction depended somewhat on who got hold of the case first. In 1859 a case came before Judge Ritchie of Acton. Mark Piper and Nathan Butler …read more

Second day of September

On the morning of the second day of September another detail of twenty soldiers and twenty citizens was sent out for the purpose of rescuing the family mentioned before, and as all could not be mounted it was thought best to go in wagons. The detail had proceeded as far as where Hoken Peterson formerly …read more

Other Meeker County Townships

Union Grove; was first settled in 1856 by Lyman Allen, Andrew Hamilton, and by two other men by the names of Baker and Haywood. Allen and Haywood returned to Massachusetts in 1860. Baker is dead. Mr. Allen named the town, wherefore or for what is unknown. We have been promised a sketch of the early …read more

Presbyterian Church, Meeker County, Minnesota

The first Presbyterian Church and society organized in the county was at Forest City by Rev. J. C. Whitney, who came to Forest City in the spring of 1858 and organized a Presbyterian so ciety Sept. 25th, 1859 and styled “The trustees of the Westminister Presbyterian Society of Forest City.” The first trustees were I. …read more